Indigo Leigh


Keepers of
New Haven City

Life in New Haven City can be dark and gritty, but a fallen angel,
a Fae prince, and a fake priest try to make the world better.


Fallen Fate

I'm not an angel anymore, and learning how to be a mortal is so much harder than I expected.

Turns out, not knowing who you are anymore really gets in the way of living. Now somebody's out to get me, and Fae prophecy won't leave me alone.

So, I'm stuck between two beings who can't make up their mind: A priest who isn't a priest at all... And a Fae Prince who can't help but love his fated mate...

I'm just the fallen angel who can't stand the world the way it is, and I'm trying to get on with my life. All the while, I'm falling head over heels...

Welcome to New Haven City.
Nothing is what is seems, and everybody's got secrets.


Fallen Fury

Lev would risk everything to find his family, and a stranger says she knows where his long-lost son might be.

While I'm settling into my new life as a human in a relationship, a stranger shows up at our headquarters, shocking us all by asking for Lev by name. She has an object Lev recognizes as something he made for his son, and he decides to chase down the truth about his missing son, no matter where the search—or the stranger—takes him.

But the Keepers of New Haven City have mixed feelings about the new mer-woman, and we can't let our suspicions go. Nevertheless, our loyalty to Lev is bigger than the ocean, and we won't let him risk his life without us along to watch his back.

So, we head to Unseen Street to portal-jump to follow the stranger to a watery world to hunt for clues in what has to be our most dangerous adventure yet.

All the while, Lev's falling in love...


Fallen Feud

Vic doesn't do happily ever afters, but she's met a beast who might change her mind.

While I'm hunting for my missing mate, Vic, our resident alchemist, has been making trips to Nepal to visit a hunky Yeti King, and Jason is off "finding himself" in Tibet. The Keepers of New Haven City are falling apart, and I've got to put them back together. I'm struggling to figure out how to solve it at all, so I need my best friend, Vic, by my side.

Now I'm off to the mountains to drag her back by her ear only to discover her stuck in a Feud that's been going on for a long time. Things have to work out... the fate of the Keepers is at stake.

All the while, Vic's falling in love...


Fallen Free

Don't miss the exciting conclusion as a fallen angel and a Fae prince draw the Keepers together to beat their most fearsome foe yet...

What Readers Are Saying

A must read for all lovers of the supernatural world.

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…a romp thru a myriad of magic. A totally fun read.

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Interesting characters, lots of twists…

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