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Modern Fairy Tales

Different takes on well-loved fairy tales…
Plus, a few new ones!


When Shoes Speak, The Source, and Sisters of the Keep

A girl, a prince, and an evil pair of shoes.

Cindi Ella Lass didn't have a career in Paris, Texas, in mind when she graduated with a degree in fashion, but her grandmother's offer of a place to live (free rent!) entices her to the small town.

When she arrives, she notices the most beautiful pair of crystal shoes in the shop next door... and she can't get them out of her head. Principe knows the crystal shoes have killed before, but he's heart-broken when the shoes choose the lovely Cindi Ella as their next victim. With the help of Ainsworth, the talking mouse, Principe fashions a plan to defy his evil Uncle and keep Cindi from being the next victim. Will Principe and Cindi Ella each find their happily ever after? Find out what happens when the shoes become the villain.

Read Cindi/Ella: When Shoes Speak for a new take on the traditional fairy tale.


The Source of all magic has been kidnapped.

When Cindi Ella's fairy grandmother falls ill, Cindi Ella learns the Source—a legendary mermaid and the origin of all magic—has been taken prisoner by an evil Cleric in another realm. Cindi and Principe, Cindi’s fiancé, must travel to a different world to rescue the water-bound being… or Mémère will perish.

Using an enchanted looking glass, the duo steps through a water fountain portal and leaves the modern domain behind.When they arrive in the KeeTow province, they meet Crimson, Indigo, and Daffodil, three primary magic wielders already determined to save the trapped mermaid.

The group bands together to avoid being captured by the soldiers of the green hand, battling a Sea Witch, and embarking on the “stupidest plan ever” to rescue the Source and save magic for all.


Cindi Ella Lass learns the origin of her magic mirror, a family heirloom handed down from two sisters...

Tulip and Tiger Lily are magic-wielding sisters in a realm where magic is outlawed. They're wanted criminals with a reward for their heads and a bounty hunter hot on their tails.

After Tulip is kidnapped, Hugh is the only one with a clue about what happened. Tiger Lily is forced to trust the stranger. Her sister’s life hangs in the balance.Together, Hugh and Tiger Lily storm the King’s castle to rescue Tulip and put an end to an evil plot to take over the realm.

Continue Cindi Ella’s fairy tale adventure in Paris, Texas.


Snow & Mirrors, Prince & the Pea, and C.E.O. & the Beanstalk

Coming soon!

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A must read for all lovers of the supernatural world.

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…a romp thru a myriad of magic. A totally fun read.

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Interesting characters, lots of twists…

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