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The Secret Academy


Gnome Another Day

King Dimble, the leader of the gnome world, anticipates a jolly visit from his good friend, Alatar, a wizardly professor of magic. Theirs may be an unlikely friendship, but they often meet in Gnomelandia to share mushroom tea and interesting conversation.

This time, over their carrot-root crumpets, an assassin makes an attempt on the life of King Dimble. When Alatar's defense spells go awry, the duo must escape to the mortal world to help find a safe way back to Gnomelandia.

But the human portal-maker they find isn't what either of them expect, and she has had no magical training at all...

When Alice stumbles (literally) over an old man in the street, she's pulled into an adventure she never wanted. Now it's up to her to figure out how to use her new magical gifts and get King Dimble back in time to defend his home.

Gnome Another Day is the prequel to The Teleporting Girl, Book One of The Secret Academy Series.


The Teleporting Girl

Pink hair hadn't ever been on Lyric's to-do list... But that's the least of her trouble.

She's got brand new magical powers which seem to poof her from place to place, and she keeps winding up in the places she doesn't want to be.

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What Readers Are Saying

A must read for all lovers of the supernatural world.

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…a romp thru a myriad of magic. A totally fun read.

Reviewer on Goodreads

Interesting characters, lots of twists…

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