Indigo Leigh


New Haven City Novellas


Benjamin Tal-Or survived lightning. Twice.

If I had my day in the spotlight, that’s what the morning headlines would read. It was the most interesting thing about me... besides the lingering after-images.

Seeing dead people isn't for the faint of heart, but meeting peafowl shifters and fallen women with wings brings a whole new level of weird to living in New Haven City for necromancer Benjamin Tal-Or.

Three Sons & Flower Moon

Princess Muri doesn't want to get married... but it's her duty.

That is, it's her duty until she's summoned to the Entreaty Stone and meets a honored ancestor from the realm before.

When the goddess wakes the magic inside Muri, the princess also receives a gift of three elemental sorcerers, and they have some shocking news for the princess: she's far more connected to these three than she expected.

Now the four must work together to save Muri's father from the invading King of the North.


Zenith Calhoun has a power that Dr. Veem wants, and Dr. Veem is willing to do anything in her power to make it happen.

When Zenith and her friends get captured, Zenith swears to protect her friends in the facility Dr. Veem runs.

They must complete a daring escape, but there's more coming... Welcome to New Haven City.

Nothing is what is seems, and everybody's got secrets.

The Fall Before

Tien has a message for the mortal, Ezra Belton, and his daughter, but Tien didn’t expect to fall in love. Now Tien can’t get Ezra’s blue eyes out of her mind, and Ezra’s daughter needs a miracle from Tien.

The Fall Before is a sweet Fated Mates, Fallen Angel story. If you love fallen angels and life-changing love at first sight, you’ll enjoy The Fall Before.

What Readers Are Saying

A must read for all lovers of the supernatural world.

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…a romp thru a myriad of magic. A totally fun read.

Reviewer on Goodreads

Interesting characters, lots of twists…

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